Monthly Archives: October 2014

Bug hotels.

This afternoon we have been making mini bug hotels to hang in our outdoor area. We gathered sticks, leaves and other natural materials that we thought a bug might like for it’s home.
What bugs do you think might move in to our bug hotels?




Performing our Poems!

This afternoon we performed the poems that we have been working hard on all week. We concentrated on how to be a good speaker. We know that you must speak clearly, at a good volume and interest the reader.


Sponsored Fun Run.

This afternoon we did our sponsored fun run! We ran for 30 minutes! We are trying to raise money for Operation Christmas Child.
Thank you to everyone who has brought in their sponsor money already. Please bring all sponsorship forms and money into school by Thursday.




Animal actions.

We have been planning some poetry that we will write through the week and then perform on Thursday. Red group are writing animal action poems. We planned our poem by choosing the animal and thinking of some actions that they would do.
Can you guess what animal this group will write about?



Class 3 have been thinking about what makes us a good friend. We think that to be a good friend you must:

be kind,
make your friends happy,
and not hurt each other.

We did some role-play about how to be a good friend if someone is sad.

What do you think makes a good friend?


Today we continued our work on time. Some of us started looking at ‘half past’ times. We are enjoying learning about time.
What time is playtime and school?

Adjective hunt.

Class 3 have been exploring adjectives today. Green group took the adjective cards outside to see if they could match them to objects in our outdoor area.





Can you think of any good adjectives that we could include in our writing?

Times of the day.

Today we have been thinking about what we do at different times of the day. We sorted activities into morning, afternoon and night.


What do you do In the morning?

Days of the week.

Today we have been ordering days of the week and months of the year. We ordered the days and months and put them on our outdoor washing line. We worked together to order the days and months and identified which ones were missing. Can you spot the missing days and months?



Message from the aliens.

We received a letter from the aliens this afternoon! They visited our classroom while we were out at lunch and left us a message.
The aliens left some materials for us to sort into ‘natural’ and ‘man-made’ piles. We were very good at this!
Cameron was excellent at telling us where the man-made materials came from!
Do you know where cotton comes from?