Monthly Archives: September 2015


We planted cress seeds. They have only taken a few days to grow. Have you got a recipe, using cress, which we could cook?


Get Ready For Book Week.

Next week we will be learning more about Jill Murphy our class author. We be dressing up as a character from one of her books. Then we will donate £1 towards Operation Christmas Child.mWhich character will you be? How much money do you think we can raise?


E- Safety.

We have been reminding ourselves about how we can stay safe when using the Internet at home and at school. We talked about the importance of not talking to strangers and giving strangers information on line. Can you give us some other e- safety tips.


Super Spellings!

Year 1’s are learning to practise spellings each week for a spelling test. We are really proud of our efforts. Can you get 10/10 in next week’s spelling test?


Climbing Frame Fun!



We learned to move safely on the climbing frame. Can you reach the top?

Making A Sword And Shield.

As part of our topic about English battles we have been making swords and shields using clixi. Next week we will plan and design our own Anglo Saxon shields. What do you know about Anglo Saxon shields?

Learning To Be Warriors!

As part of our topic about English battles we are learning a battle sequence so we can have a battle in the woodland. How many battles can you name?


Playtime Games.

We have been reminding ourselves how to stay safe and happy on the playground playing playtime games. Which is your favourite playtime game?


Egg Mayonaise Sandwiches!

We have been making egg mayonnaise sandwiches. What sandwiches have you made?




Lookin For Signs Of Autumn.



We went outdoors to find signs of autumn. We recorded our results on a chart so we can make a bar chart next week. What signs do you think we saw?