Monthly Archives: October 2015

Playground Games.

We learned to play team games which we can play on the playground. They were great fun and keep us fit and healthy. Today we did relay races in teams. Which is you favourite game?



Getting Ready For A Whole School Rugby Tournament.

We are practising playing tag rugby ready for a whole school tournament. What do you know about tag rugby.


Making E – Books.

We are making e – books about our favourite author for our website. Who is you favourite author?

World War Two Bomber Planes.

We are learning about air battles during World War Two. what facts do you know about World War Two?


Planting Bulbs.

Today we planted lots of bulbs in our outdoor area. What do you think these bulbs will grow into?



MaterialsAround Us.


We have been investigating materials around us and talking about what the materials are used for. How many materials can you name?

Scrambled Eggs!

As it is egg week we cooked a special scrambled egg recipe. We mixed eggs, cottage cheese and chopped fresh basil together. Then we cooked it in the microwave. It was delicious. Do you know any special scrambled egg recipes?