Monthly Archives: November 2015

How Big Is A War Plane?

We talked about the size of war planes. Some were very big whilst others were smaller. What do you think the diameter of this part of the plane is? Can you name it?

Battle Planes.

We have been writing a story about pilots taking part in Operation Chastise. We sat in a war plane cockpit pretending we were a pilot. Would you like to be an RAF pilot?

War Time Artefacts.

We looked at some World War Two artefacts. We could handle the artefacts and even tried some clothes from this period on. What do you know about soldiers uniforms?



Visiting Cosford Air Museum.

We went to Cosford Air Museum to look at the battle planes. It was great day out and we did lots of new learning. How many different battle planes can you name?



We made an animation about the bouncing bomb. What do you know about the bouncing bomb?

Green Screening!

We have been green screening. In Literacy we have learned about dialogue so we used that learning to help us. We made up some dialogue between a pilot and mission control during Operation Chastise. We will add a background to make it look like we were a pilot taking part in the mission. Can you give us any tips on green screening?

Describing A Setting.


We are going to write a story based upon Operation Chastise. We will need to describe a setting in our story so we went outside to learn to talk about settings. Can you think of any good setting descriptions by your favourite authors?

Operation Christmas Child.


We filled our shoe boxes with toys and toiletries for Operation Christmas Child. How many shoe boxes do you think we filled?

Well Done Sophie!

Well done Sophie for gaining a swimming award during your swimming lessons out of school. How far can you swim?

Children In Need.

Today we came dressed up for Children In Need. We wore pyjamas and had silly hair! It was great fun. We made a bar chart to show the favourite colours of pyjamas for Children In Need Day. We thought it would be yellow but it wasn’t. Can you predict which was the favourite colour?