Monthly Archives: February 2016

Well done, Kaiden!

We were all very happy with Kaiden today as he had some really good new. Yesterday he got his 400 metres! Today he brought in his certificates folder to show us all his certificates! Do you have any certificates?



This week three people in our class got mathletics certificates! Well done to Gracie, Ethan and Joshua. We got two silvers and a bronze! How many certificates did you get?


Francis Drake

Today we were painting pictures with watercolours. We were painting Francis Drake! He was a captain a long time ago, do you like our pictures? Do you know anything about Francis Drake?






We have four children from our class with Mathletics certificates! Three bronze and one silver. Well done Kaiden, Areej, Lauren and Ethan. How many certificates do you have?





Library visit

Today we went to the library and got to read all the great books! When we go to the library we know we have to look after the book because they are here for everyone to enjoy. Ruby loved reading this Winnie the Pooh Bear book. Oscar and Corey loved looking at all the books. What books do you like to read?



My favourite book

In the holiday we all tried to read more. One person who did is Lauren! She went to the library to read and write down some stuff about the book. Did you read a book in the holiday?

Who was the author? Was it Julia Donaldson like Lauren’s book?


Football skill!

For the last 3 weeks on our Friday PE lesson we have been doing football with the sports coach! We’ve been playing proper football matches and fun games to help us with our skills!

It’s been really good and we have all really enjoy it! Thank you to the coach! What have you been learning in PE?