Monthly Archives: March 2016

What could it be?

Look what we found at the farm, what could have made this in the mud?


The farm

Today we went to the farm and had so much fun seeing what different signs of Spring we could see! It was lovely walking around the farm. What’s your favourite thing about the farm?


Ready to make a boat!

We have already brought in loads of things to make our boats. Who’s boat do you think will look the most like Drakes?


Different knots

We were following instructions about how to tie different knots like Sir F Drake would have done on his ship! What different knots can you tie?



Which plant will grow best?

We planted some seeds to see which would grow the best. We put one in the dark behind a curtain, one on the windowsill in the light and one with light from a lamp on it all the time! Which do you think will grow best?


Areej’s boat

Yesterday Areej brought in a boat that she made at home! I think it looks like a pirate boat, what do you think? What do you think she used to make it?


Mathletics certificates

This week our class has got three mathletics certificates! Well done to Danielle and Gracie for getting browse certificates and well done to Areej for getting silver! Did you get a certificate this week?


Team games

This afternoon we when to the bottom library to play some team games! We sat in a circle playing the games as a team. It was really fun!


Mathletics certificates

This week two people from our class have mathletics certificates, well done Gracie and Ethan! Do you get any certificates? How close are you to getting a certificate?


Ruby’s boat!

Today Ruby brought in a boat to show us that she made at home! She has put glitter and sparkles on it to make it look very pretty. It could be Captain Pugwash’s boat or it could be Sir F. Drakes! Do you know anyone else who’s boat it could be?