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Different Habitats.

Today we have been learning all about the different habitats that animals live in. We have been researching which animals like to live in woodland areas, coastal areas, pond areas and urban areas. We used books and iPads to help us gather all the information we needed.
Kyle used all the information he found to compile this fact sheet.

What kind of animals live in your area? Which animal habitat is close to where you live?

Nouns and Adjectives.

Today, in literacy, we have been using amazing adjectives and super nouns to make our writing fantastic.

We have been looking at the work by the author Eric Carle.

The Bad Tempered Ladybird is the story we have been working on, and we have written our own stories, inspired by this book.

Do you have a favourite book by Eric Carle?

Story Writing.

We have written a story about a dragon. We used the MacBooks to help us. What do you think the dragon did in our story?


Story Telling.

We used iPads to record ourselves telling a story by Laurence Anholt, our class author. Then we enjoyed listening to each other’s story.


Robot Moves.

We watched a robot dance on the internet then we practised moving like robots using different parts of our body. We learned we had to hold our body ‘stiffly’ and move slowly. Can you move like a robot?



Making Dragon Music.

We used Garage Band to record sounds to represent a dragon. We will use the music to accompany our dragon poems. What sounds do you think a dragon can make?


Dragon Animation.

We used iPads to make dragon animations. We worked with a partner. What tips do you have to help us?

Have You Seen Our New Stage Lighting?

We have had new stage lighting fitted. We were really excited to see it on Thursday. What do you think of the new fantastic stage lighting?



Visiting Cosford Air Museum.

We went to Cosford Air Museum to look at the battle planes. It was great day out and we did lots of new learning. How many different battle planes can you name?



We made an animation about the bouncing bomb. What do you know about the bouncing bomb?