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Different Habitats.

Today we have been learning all about the different habitats that animals live in. We have been researching which animals like to live in woodland areas, coastal areas, pond areas and urban areas. We used books and iPads to help us gather all the information we needed.
Kyle used all the information he found to compile this fact sheet.

What kind of animals live in your area? Which animal habitat is close to where you live?


Nouns and Adjectives.

Today, in literacy, we have been using amazing adjectives and super nouns to make our writing fantastic.

We have been looking at the work by the author Eric Carle.

The Bad Tempered Ladybird is the story we have been working on, and we have written our own stories, inspired by this book.

Do you have a favourite book by Eric Carle?

Mini Beast project.

Kaiden Martin in class 3 has created a fantastic mini beast project that includes all of the creatures we have been learning about and has interesting facts about the creatures too!
” My project took two weeks to make, and it has so many creatures on it. It has worms and butterflies and caterpillars.”

IMG_5467.JPG Have you started your mini beast project yet?

IMG_5461.JPG Well done Kaiden. Hasn’t he worked so hard on his project!

Fictional Continents.

We have been continuing our work on continents. Here are some more Continents, that we have created. Take a look! What details would you add to your continent? Rivers? Mountains? Have a go at creating your own land!

IMG_5428.JPG “My land is called Spiderland.”

IMG_5425.JPG ” My continent is called Spiderpool.”

IMG_5422.JPG ” My continent is called Kaiden”

IMG_5423.JPG ” My continent is called Akping.”


Today we have been learning all about different types of living creatures. Harrison has been finding out all about amphibians.
” A frog is an amphibian, that means it lives in water and on land.”


IMG_5421.JPG Jayesh found lots of information about Mammals.
” Mammals don’t lay eggs they have real babies. They feed their babies milk.”
What information do you know about Amphibians and Mammals?


Today we have been continuing our work on continents. We have been creating our own continents and giving them a name. Kyle has designed his own. Take a look!
” My continent is called Kyle Land. It has lots of rivers.”

IMG_5409.JPG Take a look at some of our other fictional continents.



IMG_5412.JPG Why don’t you try creating your own continent! What would your continent be called?


This week, in geography, we have been learning all about continents. We have been creating a booklet filled with interesting facts. This is Lucy’s booklet. Take a look! Which continents do you know interesting facts about?