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Welcome to Class 3.

Today we have been meeting our new teacher Miss Breeze and making new friends.

IMG_5521.JPGHave a look at our ‘helping hands’ work that we have been busy doing today!

IMG_5518.JPGTell us what you have been doing today in your class today!

Sports Day Practice.

Today we have had a great time participating in our sports day practice. It was fantastic to see lots of encouragement throughout the school, when each year group had their events. Well done everyone! Which house team do you think will win, on Sports Day?





Team games

This afternoon we when to the bottom library to play some team games! We sat in a circle playing the games as a team. It was really fun!


Behaviour for learning

We have been talking about our behaviour for learning and what we could do to make our learning better. We have all written our names down to show we will stick to our six rules! What else could we add to the list?


Kind Words.

We began the week by reminding ourselves about all the kind words we can use. What kind words have you used today?


We created collages to illustrate our dragon story.our pictures will go on display with our stories. Have you ever made a collage?



Story Writing.

We have written a story about a dragon. We used the MacBooks to help us. What do you think the dragon did in our story?