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Kind Words.

We began the week by reminding ourselves about all the kind words we can use. What kind words have you used today?

Kind Words.

We learned about using lots of kind words. We played a game where we had to shake hands with different friends in our class and say kind words to them. The kind words made us feel good, safe and happy. Can you think of some kind words?


Kind Words.

We talked about kind words. Class 3 played a kind words game and then we talked about different kind words we could say to everyone. What kind words can you say to class 3?


Planting Spring Bulbs.

We planted more bulbs. We looked at bulbs and corms. We will watch the bulbs grow. How many flowers can you name which grow from a bulb?



Party Games.


We played party games as part of our Christmas celebrations. What is your favourite party game?

Peppermint Creams.

We made peppermint creams. We made them in a Christmas pudding shape then added red berries so they looked very festive. What shape would you make your peppermint creams?



Peppermint Creams.

This is a recipe we used to make peppermint creams. They were delicious. Have you ever made home made sweets?