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Fictional Continents.

We have been continuing our work on continents. Here are some more Continents, that we have created. Take a look! What details would you add to your continent? Rivers? Mountains? Have a go at creating your own land!

IMG_5428.JPG “My land is called Spiderland.”

IMG_5425.JPG ” My continent is called Spiderpool.”

IMG_5422.JPG ” My continent is called Kaiden”

IMG_5423.JPG ” My continent is called Akping.”


Today we have been continuing our work on continents. We have been creating our own continents and giving them a name. Kyle has designed his own. Take a look!
” My continent is called Kyle Land. It has lots of rivers.”

IMG_5409.JPG Take a look at some of our other fictional continents.



IMG_5412.JPG Why don’t you try creating your own continent! What would your continent be called?


This week, in geography, we have been learning all about continents. We have been creating a booklet filled with interesting facts. This is Lucy’s booklet. Take a look! Which continents do you know interesting facts about?