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Remembrance Day.

We researched information about Our war time heroes. Have you completed our war time hero challenge on the website?


Remembrance Activities.


As part of our ongoing work on English heroes and British values the teachers have once again been championing their own English heroes. As we remember those who served our country, we learn about the values that kept them going.

On the website you will find pictures, videos and names.

Can you match the photo to the name and the video of our English heroes?

Which class will gather the most posts?

Edith Cavell.

We are looking at Edith Cavell in Class 3. She was a nurse in World War 1, and we think she was a hero because she saved soldiers from both sides during the war.
Kaiden has done a brilliant poster at home telling us all about her!


Do you know anything about Edith Cavell?