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Harrison Is Enjoying Learning.

Harrison has been creating and making things at home. He is really proud of his work! How do you think he has made these?


Super Spellings!

Year 1’s are learning to practise spellings each week for a spelling test. We are really proud of our efforts. Can you get 10/10 in next week’s spelling test?


Project Competition Winner!

Kaiden won Class 3’s homework project competition. He made a book about the River Severn, visited places along the river and the. Wrote his information book. We are very proud of the effort he put in. It was really hard to judge the competition because everyone made such a good effort. What information do you know about the River Severn?



We have all completed a project based upon the great outdoors. Our parents helped us. It was fun completing them and we are really proud of our learning. Have you seen our projects on display in the lower school corridor?



Have you seen this super homework? Jack and Joshua have been busy measuring with an adult whilst Bobby and his mum are planning a booklet for his project. Which piece of homework are you most proud of?