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Welcome to Class 3.

Today we have been meeting our new teacher Miss Breeze and making new friends.

IMG_5521.JPGHave a look at our ‘helping hands’ work that we have been busy doing today!

IMG_5518.JPGTell us what you have been doing today in your class today!

Mini- Beasts Display.

All of the projects are now on display near the key stage 1 entrance. Please come and take a look!

Can you find your project on display?

Have you brought your project in?

What, new, information have you found out about bugs?

More Fantastic Projects.

Well Done Everyone!

Perfect Projects.

Lots of brilliant Mini-Beast projects have been made or finished over the weekend. The projects contain lots of fantastic facts and super art skills!
Take a look!




Which Mini- Beasts do you find interesting? Have you started your project yet?


Tom has completed a fantastic project, all about spiders and their webs.

Tom has found out lots of different facts about spiders, including information about the ones that live in our country.
Do you know the length of the largest spider in our country?

Do you know how many different species of spiders there are?

Our Plants.

We are very busy in Class 3 preparing for the plant sale. The children have been watering the plants, each day, and keeping an eye on their progress.

IMG_5474.JPG Take a look at the super job our budding gardeners are doing!

IMG_5476.JPG What plants and vegetables are you growing in your class?

Different Habitats.

Today we have been learning all about the different habitats that animals live in. We have been researching which animals like to live in woodland areas, coastal areas, pond areas and urban areas. We used books and iPads to help us gather all the information we needed.
Kyle used all the information he found to compile this fact sheet.

What kind of animals live in your area? Which animal habitat is close to where you live?

Kind Words.

We began the week by reminding ourselves about all the kind words we can use. What kind words have you used today?