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The High Jump Competition.

Today the whole school, took part in the annual high jump event. Lots of excited children were eager to try and beat the school record!

IMG_5441.JPG Then it was time for year 2 to show their skill at the high jump. Each child had a go and tried their best! We had an overall winner, for year 2, and the Winner was Kaiden Martin from Class 3. Well done Kaiden!

IMG_5452.JPG Well done to everybody who took part today. Who will win next year?

Sports Day Practice.

Today we have had a great time participating in our sports day practice. It was fantastic to see lots of encouragement throughout the school, when each year group had their events. Well done everyone! Which house team do you think will win, on Sports Day?






In PE we were learning about dodgeball and how to be safe when playing it! We learnt to make sure you use the right ball and not a hard one. What do you know about dodgeball?


Football skill!

For the last 3 weeks on our Friday PE lesson we have been doing football with the sports coach! We’ve been playing proper football matches and fun games to help us with our skills!

It’s been really good and we have all really enjoy it! Thank you to the coach! What have you been learning in PE?



We have continued to practise our skipping skills ready for next week’s sponsored skip. We are raising money for the British Heart Foundation. What progress in skipping have you made this term?


Kind Words.

We learned about using lots of kind words. We played a game where we had to shake hands with different friends in our class and say kind words to them. The kind words made us feel good, safe and happy. Can you think of some kind words?


Playground Games.

We have been learning more playground games so we can get more fit at playtime. They also help us learn to get on with others and stay safe and happy at playtime. Which games have you played at playtime this week?


Learning To Skip!

We are learning to skip ready for our sponsored skip on 11th February. Do you know why skipping is good for us?


Sports Coach.

We are continuing learning about football skills with a sports coach. We really enjoyed learning to dribble a ball. Do you know what part of the foot we should use to dribble a ball?



Playground Games.

We are learning about getting on with others through playground games. Which is your favourite playground game?