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Kind Words.

We learned about using lots of kind words. We played a game where we had to shake hands with different friends in our class and say kind words to them. The kind words made us feel good, safe and happy. Can you think of some kind words?


Playground Games.

We have been learning more playground games so we can get more fit at playtime. They also help us learn to get on with others and stay safe and happy at playtime. Which games have you played at playtime this week?


Kind Words.

We talked about kind words. Class 3 played a kind words game and then we talked about different kind words we could say to everyone. What kind words can you say to class 3?


Playtime Fun.


We played all the playground games we practised last term to remind ourselves how we can stay fit, safe and happy at playtime. We really enjoyed ourselves. Which is your favourite playground game?

Well Done Sophie!

Well done Sophie for gaining a swimming award during your swimming lessons out of school. How far can you swim?

E- Safety.

We have been reminding ourselves about how we can stay safe when using the Internet at home and at school. We talked about the importance of not talking to strangers and giving strangers information on line. Can you give us some other e- safety tips.


Playtime Games.

We have been reminding ourselves how to stay safe and happy on the playground playing playtime games. Which is your favourite playtime game?