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Question Time With Farmer Derek.

We asked Farmer Derek questions about jobs on his farm. He talked about jobs he did and jobs which he needed to ask other people to do. Can you think of a job which has to be done on the farm?

Green Screening!

We have been green screening. In Literacy we have learned about dialogue so we used that learning to help us. We made up some dialogue between a pilot and mission control during Operation Chastise. We will add a background to make it look like we were a pilot taking part in the mission. Can you give us any tips on green screening?

Describing Autumn Leaves.


We went to the woodland and looked for signs of autumn. We looked at the autumn leaves. What do you think we saw?

Practising Dialogue.

We went to the woodland and listened to the story about ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Then we worked in groups practising dialogue from the story. Do you know what dialogue is?

Illustrating Our Stories.




We are writing our own stories about an adventure we would like to go on. We told our friend our story then painted our ideas. Where would you like to go on an adventure to?

Performing our Poems!

This afternoon we performed the poems that we have been working hard on all week. We concentrated on how to be a good speaker. We know that you must speak clearly, at a good volume and interest the reader.